Home Managment Services

We realize how important your home is to you, so while you are away your home will be our
top priority! Based on your individual home's needs, we will walk through the interior and exterior of your home on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to check on important elements.

Feel free to contact us by email or phone.

  • Check the AC/Heating Unit – to make sure the temperature is set correctly and check for any malfunctions or problems.
  • Check Mail Boxes weekly. Will toss any junk mail and put regular mail inside the home. 

  • Check front door for any expected or non-expected deliveries (newspapers, phone books, flyers, etc). Will contact homeowner if expected packages are received and handle accordingly.

  • Check Refrigerator, Ice makers and Freezers for any leaks, malfunctions, etc.

  • Check alarms, smoke detectors.

  • Ensure all doors and windows are secure.

  • Weekly updates to homeowner or as needed.

  • Check garaged vehicles for battery condition, flat tires etc. Any problems will be reported to homeowner.

  • We will run water in the sinks and flush toilets.

We also understand how living plants may need special attention as well. We can offer special care to not only your home but also to the plants in it!

If you would like us to, we will have your home cleaned, warmed up or cooled down, filled with your favorite flowers, food and drinks and ready for your arrival home!



Communicating with your security provider and making sure that your home is left as secure as it can be while you're away. Check perimeter of home for any signs of trespassing,                                                               vandalism or weather damage.


Keeping the front and exterior areas of your home well lite is an important security tool! We will make sure all your outside area lighting is maintained and if need be bulbs will be replaced! Also, walking around the exterior landscaping areas making sure they are being watered correctly and may adjust sprinklers.

  • If homeowner has gardener, check to make sure the job is being done and communicate services to homeowner.

  • Check for broken windows.

  • Check landscape for broken sprinklers, tree damage, etc.

  • Holiday Services: Now your home won't be the un-lite target of the neighborhood over the holidays if you are gone on vacation. Let us take the work and worry of putting up or taking down your Christmas decorations!


Depending on the current weather on the Monterey Peninsula, we will walk around the exterior of your home and visually check outside exposed roof areas and interior ceilings and walls for any damage due to area wind, rain or any other unforeseen
natural disaster.

HEATING, & Plumbing

Based on what temperature you would like your home to stay at
while you are away, we will make sure both heating and air conditioning units are in proper working order. Manually checking to see they are maintaining correct comfort levels.

Visually maintaining correct levels in your pool as well as making sure your pool service provider is doing their job to keep it clean!

All exposed plumbing fixtures which includes flushing all the home's toilets to assure proper function and drainage, checking valves behind all toilets and under kitchen and bathroom sinks, water heater checked and properly working, check all outside faucets for dripping and pool refill float valve.